Place of Work: Dublin, Ireland 

Hours of Work: 37.5 Hours

Foster Care Ireland has an exciting opportunity to appoint an additional Professionally Qualified Social Worker to our Fostering Team.

We at FCI are committed to securing the best outcomes for the children placed with us and we invest in and support our foster carers accordingly. This is a Full time position for a committed team player with the flexibility to constructively engage with the challenges and work towards sustainable positive outcomes.

Applicants should have qualifications in social work, experience in delivering services in the areas of fostering, child protection and/or children in care.

Job Type : Full-time 

Salary: €29,176.00-€59,454.00 per year   /  The salary and benefit package will be commensurate with experience.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Recognised qualification in Social work
  • CORU Registration
  • Essential Competencies include communication skills,commitment to provide the highest level of service, professionalism, sound report writing and assessment skills, Form F Assessment experience, Foster Work experience, sound knowledge of Child Care Regulations 1995, Child Care Act, 1991, the Child Care act, 2001, National Standards in Foster Care,2003

General role:

 The Fostering Social Work role includes a range of duties which includes Recruitment of foster carers, Assessment of foster carers, Training, Supervision and Support. To participate in regular supervision and annual appraisal and be committed to ongoing professional development. To participate in internal/external meetings as required and attend training events, conferences and other functions as necessary. To ensure that Foster Care Ireland’s policies and procedures are adhered to and work is carried out in accordance with Foster Care Ireland’s aims, values and ethos. To promote the welfare of children placed with foster families. To contribute to the promotion, development and provision of Foster Care Ireland’s service.

Key Responsibilities

Recruitment: Responding to enquiries from the public about foster care and ensuring that they are provided with adequate information and encourages them to progress to application if they are deemed appropriate. Undertake the responsibilities of Duty Social Work role on a rota basis.

Assessment; Prepare Form F reports for Foster Care Panels. 

Have the necessary skills and experience to undertake detailed assessments of prospective foster carers and to write high quality assessments reports.

Training: To undertake any necessary pre-approval preparation and training of potential foster carers and to assist in post approval training. Maintain records of all training undertaken by foster families. Address the specific training needs for foster carers.

Supervision and Support: Provide regular supervision and support for foster carers and their children.Ensure the foster carers receive all relevant information and advice about the children in their care. Ensure that foster carers understand, accept and operate within all relevant standards, policies and guidance. Maintain a record of all contacts with the foster carers.

Review: Regular reviews of foster carers to ascertain their continued capacity to provide high quality care. Preparation of review reports on an annual basis.

To make your application please send a copy of your CV to

For further information please call / whatsapp the office at +353 860123705






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