Our Values


We make great efforts to create a sense of emotional wellbeing for the children in our care by ensuring they are valued, safe, well cared for, protected from harm and empowered in ways that enable them to reach their potential.


We appreciate that resources are limited and we will use our resources efficiently without compromising on our quality while ensuring that we can access additional resources to at all times maintain and deliver a high standard of service.


We will be effective in maintaining focus on our core mission and values. We will be proactive in the application of those values to all our processes. We will promote the effectiveness of other stakeholders by being responsive to their needs and supportive of their duties. We will support our foster carers with ongoing professional training to enable them to meet the holistic needs of those in their care.


Our behaviours and processes are grounded in respect for others. We are respectful of the state, its laws, institutions and its officers. We respect differences while remaining accountable for our decisions and actions. We will strive to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect towards all professionals, foster carers and most particularly towards the children and young people in contact with our agency.


We will incorporate a holistic approach to our model of care so as to empower our carers and nourish the growth and development of the children and young people whose care we support to become more confident, capable and well adjusted individuals.

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