Meet the Team

David Taylor is our CEO

David leads the organisation with the respect, confidence and professionalism that are all part of good governance. He is responsible for the delivery of FCI’s 3-year plan in line with the quality and performance objectives agreed with the Director.

Mr.David Taylor

Lesa Daly is FCI’s Fostering Service Lead

Lesa has a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the needs and demands on those working with children in care. She sees that the service operates to a high standard and that our foster carers have the support, training and access to services to enable them to nurture the children and young people in their care.

Lesa, a qualified social worker since 2001, worked in Tusla for 15 years on child protection and fostering teams. She spent her last 6 years in Tusla as a child protection social work team leader. In 2016 Lesa moved to CAMHS to learn more about the mental health needs of children and young people which she found to be an invaluable experience and source of knowledge when it comes to supporting foster carers.

Lesa has DDP Level 1 and 2 training and she is working towards becoming a certified DDP Practitioner. Lesa is studying for an MSc in Attachment Studies at Roehamption University in London. She has additional training in Theraplay Level One and Sensory Attachment Intervention – ‘Just Right State’. Lesa is very focused on making sure Foster Care Ireland staff have the relevant training and experience to ensure foster carers are supported to take care of children with complex trauma and attachment difficulties. Our focus in Foster Care Ireland is placement stability and Lesa encourages continuous learning and development among staff and foster carers in the areas of attachment and trauma.

Vicky Jones is our fostering link worker

Vicky’s support is greatly appreciated by all of our carers. She is committed to her professional development and to strengthening the capacity of our foster carers to meet the needs of children. Vicky qualified as a social worker in 2010; she previously worked in Tusla as a social worker for children in care and has worked in fostering for the last four years. Vicky’s experience of working with children in care is regularly drawn upon in the course of her support and supervision of foster carers.

Vicky has a keen interest in trauma and therapeutic parenting. She has completed additional training in DDP Level One and Sensory Attachment Intervention. Vicky has an MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is committed to continuous professional development and training to ensure she can support foster carers in their therapeutic parenting role. Placement stability is always at the forefront of our minds in Foster Carer Ireland and Vicky alongside her colleagues and foster carers are always open to continuous learning and experiences.

Sinead Manohanran is our Social Care Worker

Ciara McManus leads our administration

Ciara is our office administrator and the point of contact when you call the office. She is responsible for our records and information systems ensuring that FCI runs efficiently. Ciara previously worked as a social care worker for children placed in residential care. 

Jane Foulkes DDP consultant

We are working towards becoming the first certified DDP fostering agency in Ireland. 

Jane Foulkes is our DDP consultant who gives us monthly clinical supervision. Jane is a DDP psychotherapist, trainer and consultant and co-author of children’s book ‘It’s not fair’.  She has many years experience as a DDP therapist and she supports us to support our foster carers in their care of the children living with them.

Julie Davis Consultant Occupational Therapist

Julie Davis is an Occupational Therapist based in the UK. Julie has a wealth of knowledge in her field particularly related to attachment and trauma. Children and young people need to feel safe, regulated, open and engaged before we can expect them to trust in their relationships. Words often are not enough and Julie with her expertise can support us to understand and respond to sensory seeking signals from children living with our foster carers.

FCI’s Sessional workers

FCI  draws on a panel of professionally qualified and experienced social workers who work with us to undertake Form F fostering assessments. 

If you would like to join our fostering agency and add to the knowledge and experience of our team and foster carers all you need to do is make your enquiry and we will follow up and work with you.

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