Meet the Team

David Taylor is our CEO

David leads the organisation with the respect, confidence and professionalism that are all part of good governance. He is responsible for the delivery of FCI’s 3-year plan in line with the quality and performance objectives agreed with the Director.

Mr.David Taylor

Nicola Keane is FCI’s Principal Social Worker

Nicola has professional child welfare and related administrative experience across two jurisdictions, initially in Wales and latterly in Ireland.

She has first hand experience of child protection and a deep understanding of the needs and demands on those working with children in care.

Under her leadership of the Fostering Team the service operates to a high standard.  Nicola ensures that our foster carers have the support, training and access to services to enable them to confidently nurture the children and young people in their care.

Nicola is a professionally qualified social worker and is CORU registered. Prior to joining Foster Care Ireland  she worked in Tusla on a Child in Care team. Her post qualification and early career experience was in Wales where she led on the implementation of several service innovations and process reforms.

Vicky Jones is our fostering link worker

Vicky’s empathetic professional support is greatly appreciated by all of our carers. She is committed to her personal professional development and to strengthening the capacity of our foster carers to meet the needs of the children for whom they care.

A professionally qualified social worker as of 2010, Vicky worked in Tusla as a social worker for children in care before moving to fostering where she has worked for the past seven years. Her experience of working with children in care is regularly drawn upon in the course of her support and supervision of foster carers.

Vicky has a keen interest in trauma and therapeutic parenting. She has completed additional training in DDP at Levels One and Two and also in Sensory Attachment Intervention. Vicky has an MSc., in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is committed to continuous professional development and training to ensure she can empower and support foster carers in their therapeutic parenting role.

Placement stability is at the forefront of our minds in Foster Carer Ireland and Vicky alongside her colleagues and foster carers is always open to continuous learning and experiences.

Lorraine Sheridan is our Link Worker

Lorraine Sheridan studied as a Social Worker in Trinity College, Dublin. She completed her training in 2006 and worked as a Child in Care Social Worker and Fostering Link Worker for Tusla. 

Her personal style engenders a warm and engaging environment thus putting the carers she supports at ease and relaxed in her company.

In the course of her early career Lorraine perceived the need for enhanced psychotherapy support; in particular, around the effects of past traumatic experiences on the lives of children and adults. She completed an M.Sc., and a Post-Masters in Child Art Psychotherapy in the Mater CAMHS and Saint Vincent’s School of Psychotherapy. 

Lorraine’s experience of working for Tusla and in the Mater CAMHS service as part of her Child Art Psychotherapy training has provided her with an array of skills to draw upon when supporting carers dealing with the complex needs of the children in their care. She is one of 

Foster Care Ireland’s trainers delivering Foundation for Foster Care Training to new carers. 

Jamie Boyce is FCI's Link Worker

Jamie is a professionally qualified play and creative therapist, social worker and social care worker. CORU registered and affiliated with the IASW and the IAPTP: Her credentials are MSW; Post Grad. Dip Play Therapy; B.A. Applied Social Studies; B.A. Social Care Practice.

As a professionally qualified social worker for 12 years, a social care worker for 20 years, a play and creative therapist for 3 years and a mindfulness instructor for children and adolescents for 1 year she brings a wealth of experience to the Foster Care Ireland Team.

Jamie worked with young people who struggle with communication and behavioural issues, developmental delay, learning difficulties, bereavement and loss, parental separation and divorce, adopted and fostered children and adolescents, children growing up in residential child care, family disruptions, trauma, abuse, neglect, anxiety, school issues, relationship issues, and poor play skills. She has a deep understanding of the challenges of fostering and is committed to ensuring that it is a rewarding experience for the carers and the children in their care.

Jamie lectures part-time with Carlow IT on child protection issues and as an extension to that role she trains and mentors social workers during their professional work placements. 

Sinead Manohanran is our Social Care Worker

Sinead is our Social Care Worker and has a deep commitment to building relationships with the children in the care of our service. She has facilitated therapeutic interventions – art and equine therapy and provides respite support at critical times.

She obtained her honours degree in social science in 2013 and worked on the helpline with the CARI (Children at Risk in Ireland) Foundation for three years before moving on to work with children in residential social care.

In 2020, and particularly since the onset of the Covid-19 restrictions, Sinead has, with recourse to the internet, introduced innovative ways of social engagement and seasonal celebration. Fun and creativity are core elements of her offering.

Ciara McManus leads our administration

Ciara is our office administrator and the point of contact when you call the office. She is responsible for our records and information systems ensuring that FCI runs efficiently. She has an overview of all that is happening and will be delighted to assist or redirect enquiries as appropriate. 

Ciara has twenty years experience as a social care worker for children placed in residential care.  She is a qualified trainer and has managed a therapeutic residential service for children.

She has wide experience of what it takes to successfully commit to fostering a child and is well placed to advise on the regulatory aspects of fostering and the demands they make of carers. 

When you speak to Ciara you can be assured of a warm understanding and factual appraisal of the journey to become an approved foster carer.

DDP Development

We are currently training all our staff to DDP Level One with the long term ambition to develop a DDP informed practice. 

One senior practitioner has completed DDP Level Two.


Julie Davis Consultant Occupational Therapist

Julie Davis is an Occupational Therapist based in the UK. Julie has a wealth of knowledge in her field particularly related to attachment and trauma. Children and young people need to feel safe, regulated, open and engaged before we can expect them to trust in their relationships. Words often are not enough and Julie with her expertise can support us to understand and respond to sensory seeking signals from children living with our foster carers.

FCI’s Sessional workers

FCI  draws on a panel of professionally qualified and experienced social workers who work with us to undertake Form F fostering assessments. 

If you would like to join our fostering agency and add to the knowledge and experience of our team and foster carers all you need to do is make your enquiry and we will follow up and work with you.

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