Good governance is central to our operation as a Fostering Agency.

At its core, good governance it is about preventing bad things from happening. Within the body of law and regulation governing fostering in Ireland it falls to each agency to ensure that the law, in its letter and spirit, is observed to protect children and assert their rights.

Protecting children

Foster Care Ireland has incorporated the relevant national standards and child protection legislation into its policy and procedures and has arrangements in place for the oversight of all aspects of its operations. Risk identification, assessment and management prompt actions to mitigate the risks that could arise through neglect, omission or as an unintended consequence of another policy.

Independent oversight

The Board of Management meets bi-monthly to, oversee operations, input into policy and to give its advice to the Executive. It constitutes the forum where the Executive is called to account, where complaints can be investigated and independent advice can be given to the Executive. The Board comprises the Director, the CEO, the Fostering Service Lead and three external independent members with Finance, Fostering and Advocacy experience.

Effective management

Foster Care Ireland’s Management Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Agency. Meeting weekly and comprised of the CEO and the Fostering Service Lead, it monitors progress, reviews developments and takes note of key operational metrics such as enquiries, assessments and the progress of placement. It reviews risk, notifications including complaints and any other matter relevant to the wellbeing of its staff and carers and the ongoing performance of the Agency.

A supportive culture

Everyone in our organisation is subject to appropriate monitoring, supervision and oversight. The chosen values of Foster Care Ireland and our Mission and Vision support our priority of “children first’. These values are  central to what we do and ensure that we are open to review and ready to apply the learnings of experience and those that come with respect for others and their point of view.

Organisation structure

The way in which authority flows and the reporting lines in Foster Care Ireland are illustrated in the following chart.

  • Director
    Strategic Direction
  • Board of Management
    Oversight & Advice
  • CEO
    Leadership & Compliance
  • Fostering Service Lead
    Professional Practice and Standards Leadership
  • Social Worker
    Fostering Team
  • Seasonal Assesors and Social workers
  • Administrator & Quality Assurance

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