Fostering In Ireland – Childrens Rights

Childrens Rights

Fostering in Ireland – Children and young people are treated with dignity, their privacy is respected, they make choices based on information provided to them in an age-appropriate manner, and have their views, including complaints, heard when decisions are made which affect them or the care they receive.


– Children are provided with personal care appropriate to their age, stage of development, gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, and individual needs.

– Children are enabled to be independent, consistent with their age, stage of development and individual needs.


– Children are facilitated to have undisturbed contact with family and friends, unless there are clear reasons not to do so.

– Children’s correspondence and personal effects are respected.

– Children have age-appropriate opportunities to be alone.


– Children are encouraged and enabled to develop their abilities, aptitudes, skills and interests.

– Children are consulted and heard in all decisions about their care and their views are given due weight in accordance with their age, stage of development and individual needs.

– Consistent with their age, stage of development and individual needs, children have access to information about services available to them and information held on their case files in order to form opinions and exercise choice. They are facilitated to correct any inaccuracies in the information held on their files and given appropriate support when accessing sensitive information.

– Children are encouraged to exercise choice across a range of daily activities such as buying clothes, saving and spending money, and hobbies.