How to Foster In Ireland?


Can i foster ? What are your fostering criteria ?

Know how to foster in Ireland. We want to hear from people who can help us provide the best possible home environments for young people in times of need.

Any person or family can apply to the Foster Care Ireland to be assessed as a foster parent or foster family. You do not have to be married in Ireland to be a foster parent. In fact, you could be a single person, civil partners or a cohabiting couple. You must be able to provide adequate and appropriate accommodation for the foster child. The Foster Care Ireland assigns a social worker to carry out an assessment of suitability. These assessments include meeting all members of the family (particularly the foster parent(s)) over a number of months. References, Garda clearance and medical examinations will also be required as part of this process. Every effort is made to ensure that those selected as foster carers and foster families are suitable.
Foster carers are a diverse group of people who come from all walks of life.

Foster carers can be:

  • Couples – married, co-habiting, same gender
  • Single people – widowed, separated, divorced
  • People with disabilities – provided your disability or medical condition does not prevent you from caring for a child
  • People with or without children
  • People who own their own homes, are in private rented accommodation or local authority housing
  • Employed / Unemployed people
  • People from different cultures, ethnic or religious backgrounds – having carers from different cultures allows us to match children and young people with suitable families

However in all cases, it is vital that:

  • You can provide a stable, nurturing and loving environment for children
  • You relate well to and have respect for children
  • You do not have a Garda record for violence, offences against children or other serious offences
  • You can demonstrate flexibility, openness and patience
  • You are willing to attend training courses to support your ongoing learning and skills base.