Foster care in Ireland is provided by the State through TUSLA the Child and Family Agency or by independent fostering agencies.

Foster Care Ireland is an independent, non-statutory foster care agency. We aim to recruit and support foster carers to provide a safe and nurturing environment for foster children.

All foster carers   must be approved by their local  Child and Family Agency Foster Care Committee prior to any child being placed with them.

Foster Care Ireland works in partnership with the Child and Family Agency to provide children with the highest standards of care. The Child and family agency is responsible for the protection and welfare of children in care and will refer to us if placement is needed for a child which they cannot provide. 

A service level agreement sets out the conditions under which services are provided by Foster Care Ireland, compliant with statutory regulations and national standards.

Children placed in foster care by non-statutory agencies are visited regularly and their care is supervised by the child and family social worker in accordance with best practice.